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Business mediation and consultation designed to resolve a range of conflicts quickly saving you time and money

  • Employee-supervisor conflicts

  • Vendor-client disagreements

  • Interdepartmental or stakeholder disputes

  • Unproductive meetings leading to further issues

  • Valued performer with a challenging personality


Improve Morale

Boost Productivity

Reduce Turnover

Avoid Litigation & Claims

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Three ways to reduce conflict

Consultation & Training

Managers often find themselves dealing with conflicts involving the same work units and/or individuals but despite their best efforts and attention, the conflict continues costing time, reducing productivity and damaging morale. As a consultant with expertise in conflict resolution I can bring fresh perspectives and interventions, at times also serving as a coach and/or providing formal training to management and staff.

Facilitated Communication

There are many conflictual situations or potentially conflictual situations where a formal mediation is not called for but the presence of a neutral third party who can facilitate discussion can make a major difference in terms of keeping communications on a productive track. Whether it is being part of a team meeting or de-escalating a conflict between two individuals, facilitation can save time and money while boosting productivity and morale.

Formal Mediation

For more difficult or long standing conflicts formal mediation can serve as a valuable alternative to expensive and lengthy court proceedings. As a trained mediator I work impartially with the two (or more) conflicting parties to create a mutually agreed upon and formally documented resolution. A typical mediation involves preparatory meetings with each party, one or more mediation sessions, and a written document of agreement. Formal mediations are often completed in a matter of weeks and can cost less than the average attorney’s retainer.

Unresolved Conflict is Costly

Mediation Can Help

Experienced & Empathetic Business Mediator

As a licensed Psychologist, trained mediator, and former business executive I'm able to view conflict through multiple viewpoints and facilitate innovative solutions in a timely manner.


Ready to Resolve and Get Back to Work?

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