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L. Martin Johnson MBA, PsyD

Like most mediators, mediation is not my first career.  However, looking back I can't imagine a path that could have better prepared me for the role.  I have worked as a Fortune 500 executive, a business consultant, co-owner of a family run small business and the owner and director of a private mental health clinic. 


Throughout my career, my work and my joy has been helping individuals and organizations resolve conflicts and challenges and put them back on a solid path forward in their chosen direction.  Whether it was finding ways to grow a product line in a shrinking market, helping to pivot a business in a new direction, successfully navigating through economic downturns and pandemics or helping people resolve conflicts within themselves or between themselves and others; my greatest sense of satisfaction comes from finding ways to resolve the issues that hold us back and return to the journey of growth and prosperity.


Educational Background

  • BS - Arts and Sciences Honors Scholar - University of Alabama

  • MBA - Columbia University Graduate School of Business

  • PsyD - Doctorate in Clinical Psychology - American School of Professional Psychology

Business Experience

  • Psychologist - over 20 years - helping people deal with and create significant changes in their lives and relationships

  • Family Owned Business - over 30 years - Twice named "Fastest 50" by Pacific Business News

  • Business Consultant - facilitating strategic pivots and new product   development

  • National Product Manager - New Products  - Fortune 200

  • National Product Manager - $35 MM product line - Fortune 200

Mediation Training

  • Mediation and Conflict Management - Harvard Law School (PON)

  • Mediation Training - Mediation Center of the Pacific

  • Online Mediation Training - Keiter Mediation

  • Family Mediation Training - Keiter Mediation

  • Divorce Mediation - Mediation Center of the Pacific

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Ready to Resolve and Get Back to Work?

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